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Suspicious Healthcare Priorities
Priorités suspectes en matière de soins de santé

November 17, 2022

Government’s Health Care Priorities Are Suspect

This morning during question period MPP France Gélinas (Nickel Belt) asked Premier Ford why his government continues to ignore the crisis is our province’s hospitals.

“We all know the Premier will use the long wait times, the overcrowding and the ER closures to justify bringing in US-style healthcare to Ontario. He will say we need to “innovate” just like Mike Harris did when he privatized home care. The private home care providers were going to do things better: faster, and cheaper, but today we all know that never happened.

Why is this government so determined to dismantle our publicly funded and publicly delivered healthcare system?’’ Gélinas asked.

The Ford government continues to ignore the severe shortage of health human resources in Ontario’s health care system. Yesterday, an NDP Motion focussed on health care worker recruitment and retention was roundly rejected by the government majority in the legislature.