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Pay Equity for Midwives
Équité salariale pour les sages-femmes

March 8, 2023

Will the government give midwives pay equity?

During question period MPP France Gélinas (Nickel Belt) asked the Premier if the government will listen to the courts and tribunals, and give midwives pay equity?

“You will remember in 1994, the NDP brought midwifery to Ontario. We gave Ontario families access to midwives for free and we paid the midwives respectfully. After 16 years of Conservative and Liberal governments (year 2000), midwives faced a $100,000 pay equity gap. No matter the analysis that the midwives presented, the Liberal and the Conservative governments refused to listen to these women. So the midwives launched multiple appeals in the courts and in the human rights tribunal. You know what, Speaker? They won each and every one of those appeals. The tribunal sided with the midwives and ordered the government to pay. Yet, we are now in 2023. It is International Women’s Day. Will this Conservative government do the right thing, respect the tribunal, respect midwives and give them pay equity?” Gélinas asked.

The Ontario Court of Appeal ruled in favour of midwives pay equity on June 13, 2022, a decision which the government stated it would not appeal at the Supreme Court of Canada. The decision came after nine years of appeals in courts and tribunals.