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Make Healthcare More Accessible
Faciliter l’accès aux soins de santé

March 28, 2023

Less Healthcare for Ontarians coming April 1st

France Gélinas, MPP for Nickel Belt, and NDP Health critic is concerned changes coming April 1st will make eye care less accessible for seniors and access to any health care next to impossible for people experiencing homelessness.

“Yesterday I and the minister received thousands of emails calling on the provincial government to ensure continued access to medically necessary services to people living in Ontario. These people are Ontarians like you and I, Speaker. They are not able to get an OHIP card because of systemic barriers. How is a homeless person supposed to go to Service Ontario with a proof of address? They are homeless, but they deserve care. What is the minister going to do in the next three days to ensure that she removes barriers, so that every Ontarian who qualifies for a health card gets one?” asked MPP Gélinas.

The Ford government’s changes to vision care for seniors is also quite concerning. While those over 65 previously qualified for an eye exam every 12 months, seniors will now receive one exam every 18 months. “How can the minister justify her decision to reduce access to eye care for vulnerable seniors with deteriorating vision? What is the body of evidence that supports the cut to health care services that this government is doing?” asked MPP Gélinas.