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Listen to Workers, Cancel Bill 124
Écouter les travailleurs, annuler le projet de loi 124

September 6, 2022

Listen to Workers, cancel Bill 124 and stop privatizing our health care system

Nickel Belt MPP France Gélinas rose is the legislature this morning to share her observations from yesterday’s Labour day celebrations at Morel Park in Sudbury.

Speaker, yesterday was the perfect day to join the labour day celebrations in Sudbury. A big thank you to Jessica Montgomery and the whole team at the Sudbury and District Labour Council for a well organized and fun event. Thank you to the hundreds of people who join us with their families and friends.

Lots of education and health care workers came out and they had a clear united message for this government:

1- Repeal bill 124. It is illegal, discriminatory, disrespectful and it demoralized our tired and burned-out health care heroes.
2- Make PSWs a career with permanent FT job, with good pay, benefits, sick days and a pension plan so we can ensure quality home and community care and Long-Term Care
3- Stop the privatization of Ontario health care system

Many labour retiree were there, some quite elderly; they are scared. Bill 7 is causing seniors to second guess whether they should go to the emergency room when they are sick in fear of ending up being labelled ALC. Bill 7 takes the rights of frail elderly people away and allows the government to move them to a Long Term Care home focused on profit, not on quality care. In Northern Ontario being transfer to a LTC home away from home means a lot of hardship for elders and their family.

Everyone at the labour day celebrations agreed; Solidarity is the way forward and the NDP will always stand in solidarity with workers. Solidarity Forever.”