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Gélinas – We pay for LifeLabs, Where is the Access?

QUEEN’S PARK – France Gélinas, MPP for Nickel Belt and the Health Critic for her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition, rose in the legislature this morning to speak to the challenges Nickel Belt residents are having accessing LifeLabs’ services.

“Since I last spoke about the problems with LifeLabs my constituents are having, waiting outside in the cold, things have gotten worse not better.

Mr. Phillips is not computer savvy and couldn’t use the online portal, so he waited 3 hours on the phone before the call dropped.

Jean-Pierre Lauzon’s wife needs blood work every ten days. She can’t book an appointment at any of the LifeLabs centres in Sudbury for December 3rd. Online everything on December 3rd has a big red X nothing is available.

Victor Boulard tried the 1-877 number for three days, he never got through. So he tried the online portal, for some reason it will not accept his password.

Mr. Denis knocked on the door of our constituency office, he had given up on the 1-877 number for LifeLabs and could not navigate the website. We tried at our office but the online portal wouldn’t book him, he’s still looking for his password.

Suzanne & Adolphe Charbonneau will have to wait 3 weeks for a simple blood test. Adolphe asked me “Why is this happening, this is paid for with public money, tax money. This is not right.” I agree with him speaker.

LifeLabs is paid for by the government and represents an important part of our health care system and their customer service is atrocious.

And that’s not all, access to flu vaccine is not any easier whether at your primary care provider, Public Health or pharmacies, nobody has flu vaccines in Nickel Belt.”