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Don’t Force Seniors into Long Term Care
Ne forcent pas les personnes âgées à se tourner vers les soins de longue durée

September 1, 2022

Care for seniors at home, don’t force them into substandard LTC

The Ford government should be improving homecare not forcing seniors into term care facilities far away from their circle of care and their families said MPP France Gélinas (Nickel Belt) during question period.

“The government is attacking senior’s fundamental right to give consent, forcing them into long-term care facilities far away from their loved ones, but they continue to ignore the failures in our home care system. Most alternate level of care patients in our hospitals aren’t waiting for a long-term care bed they are waiting for home care.

But the wait lists for home care have tripled under the Ford Government.

Why is the government overriding people’s rights to give consent when they have not made any improvements to the home care system that would allow frail, elderly people to stay in their homes safely and respectfully?’’

Yesterday, the Ford government’s Bill 7 passed third reading. This bill which “authorizes certain actions to be carried out without the consent of these patients… having a placement co-ordinator… select a home and authorize their admission to the home.” Numerous organizations including the Advocacy Centre for the Elderly and the Alzheimer’s Society have spoken out asking the government to withdraw this legislation which may override of patient rights.

“The government is threatening seniors with massive fees and forcing them away from their families when they should be fixing our home care system. Instead, wait lists are growing and home care workers are leaving the sector.

Speaker 90% of Ontario seniors want to age at home not in a LTC home.

This government could bring 10,000 workers back to the job they love by mandating home care providers offer 70% permanent Full-time jobs, well paid, with benefits, sick days and a pension plan. Why is this government standing by while private for profit home care providers fail more frail elderly people each and every day?”