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Childcare Commitment-Broken Promise
Engagement en matière de garde d’enfants – promesse non tenue

August 25, 2022

Childcare Commitment Another Broken Promise

France Gélinas MPP for Nickel Belt made a statement Thursday morning on the challenges Nickel Belt residents are facing due to inadequate childcare services.

“My constituents in Nickel Belt continue to wait for this government to follow through on their commitment to provide affordable childcare spaces.

Parents like Janelle, from Chelmsford in my riding. Janelle has had her child on the registry since April last year, over 16 months ago now, and has yet to find a childcare spot. This young mom travels from the North end of greater Sudbury to the west end and has applied to 10 different childcare centres. Yet, she is still empty handed. Her maternity leave end in September, she wants to go back to work but can not do that without childcare for her baby.

KG from Hanmer is a Registered Nurse. Her two young children are on multiple waitlists, her son is number 4 on the list but her daughter is on page two. She would accepts driving to two different day cares, twice a day, every day so she can get back to caring for patients. Her maternity leave is done, she wants to get back to work; she is very much needed as a nurse, but she cannot go back to work until she finds childcare for both of her children.

Yesterday the government stated, “every job that sits unfilled hurts Ontario’s economy”.

Well Speaker, these are just two, of the thousands of professional jobs across our province, that are unfilled because this government won’t follow through on the commitments to deliver childcare to the working parents of Ontario.”