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Respect for Public Health Workers
Respect du personnel de la santé publique

September 28, 2023

When will the Premier show respect for public health workers?

During Question Period France Gélinas, MPP for Nickel Belt, asked Premier Ford when his government will start to respect the work of our Public Health Units and properly fund their operation.

“The nurses represented by ONA from Hastings Prince Edward Public Health have been on strike for more than a month now. After 3 years on the front line of a pandemic and this government limiting their compensation to 1% increase with Bill 124, they want respect.

Public health nurses keep us safe from events like E-coli outbreaks in day cares, making 100s of children sick. We know the government is focused on their wealthy friends but could the Premier please focus on these nurses and the important work they do for a while?” Gélinas asked.

Unionized employees at the Hastings Prince Edward Public Health are demanding a fair wage increase but the management team has stated they don’t have room in their budget.

“While this government refuses to show any sign of respect to these women, my leader Marit Stiles joined them on the picket line. On September 22 public health workers represented by CUPE also had to go on strike for fair compensation. These public health workers keep us safe with safe drinking water, remember Walkerton, safe food in the restaurants we eat at and many more. We know this government likes to waste time and money in court, but will the Premier show these nurses and public health workers the respect they deserve, fund our public health units and stop its appeal of bill 124?

Bill 124 capped public sector wages at one per cent per year for three-years during the pandemic. When Ontario courts ruled Bill 124 unconstitutional Premier Ford decided to appeal the court decision. No date has been set for the government’s appeal.