Fix the Provincial Doctor Shortage
Remédier à la pénurie de médecins dans la province

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May 12, 2023

Families in Sudbury and Nickel Belt are tired of waiting for a family physician

France Gélinas, MPP for Nickel Belt, asked the Minister of Health when the government will follow the recommendations of the Ontario College of Family Physicians to fix the provincial doctor shortage.
“Over 2.2 million Ontarians do not have a family physician; more than 360,000 of them are children. That number increases each and every month. It will reach three million people by 2025, as fewer medical students choose family practice, and more family physicians retire. The growing physician shortage will put more pressure on already overwhelmed hospitals, emergency departments, urgent care and even our long-term-care homes.

Family physicians need this government’s support to continue to provide top-quality care to us. They need access to team-based care, reduced administrative burdens and an electronic health record that actually works. Will this government listen to Ontario family physicians and act upon their recommendations?”

On February 9, 2023, the Ontario College of Family Physicians cited research from INSPIRE Primary Health Care which found that almost 15% of Ontarians do not have a regular family physician. They also stated previously that Ontario is on track to have 1-in-5 people without access to a family physician by 2025.